DearLeaderCHBCoach House is publishing my second poetry collection, DEAR LEADER, this spring. Big launch party on March 24, 2015, at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, 7-9pm.


Published by ECW Press in the fall of 2009. My friend Adam Harris designed the cover. Hire him to design something for you at

Paper Radio was shortlisted for the 2010 ReLit Awards and the Pat Lowther Award. The Pat Lowther judges said this:

“The soundwaves of Damian Rogers’ Paper Radio bring us a host of different voices, historical and contemporary, from the last of the Shakers to troubled high school students; from women who love married men to the misguided hippies and activists of the ’60s. All of these voices are poignant, savvy and sharp, though they may not always be capable of recognizing the source of their pain. Rogers displays a breathtaking poetic deftness through a myriad of forms, from Auden-esque rhymes to the elegy to accomplished experimental work. Each poem in this debut collection crackles with energy and intelligence, and the collection as a whole inspires.”

Back of the book:

“Damian Rogers’ troubled teens, ecstatic utopians, and distracted deities are evidence of a powerful poetic storyteller. In Paper Radio, nature has multiple personalities, perception sits at the table with emotion and superstition, and meaning speaks in dark, mellifluous tongues. This is a poetry of attack and decay, of synchronicity and sleight-of-hand, alive with sudden, vertiginous moments of clarity. It’s rare to find a young poet so deeply invested in both her own experience and the reader’s pleasure. A splendid, memorable debut.” Kevin Connolly

“In Paper Radio, Damian Rogers emerges as a poet of startling clarity, intelligence, toughness, and tenderness. Her gifts for aphorism, for sudden swift changes of mood and perfectly rendered emotional landscapes, are those of a dramatist. There is not a dull moment in this book — and while that alone is a high accomplishment in this age of dullness, Rogers keeps us awake to a purpose. She keeps faith with the premise of the lyric, which is that, by speaking most truly from the self, we are able to reach others and stay awake to this business of being human together.” April Bernard

The poems in Paper Radio are very brave. Many tend to look at the past with a real understanding that there is so much there that will never be made right. But what makes them brave is the way they pivot and then drive on with hope because, well, they have to. Joe Pernice

“Sometimes memories are so distant, we only remember them when an old friend reminds us of those last events. Damian Rogers is such a friend. She tells us of dreams that sound like our own, shooting little arrows of insight that split the heart to reveal the shocking vulnerability of life. Paper Radio is a jewel of a book that you will want to read over and over and over again.” Greg Keelor

And this is a book that I did not write.  I did, however, edit John Fahey’s How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life, a mix of fiction, myth-making, and autobiographical sketches drawing on the guitarist’s childhood in Takoma Park, his life as a collector and promoter of blues music, and his career as an underground folk musician. I was young and very green, but I’m proud of being a part of the team that brought these surreal stories into print. People really like the one about Fahey punching out Michelangelo Antonioni after he recorded a score that was never used for the desert orgy scene in Zabriskie Point. (He’s also really snarky about Canned Heat.) Drag City Records reprinted the collection recently. Buy it from them.


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