Dear Leader (I Summon) and The Heart of the Leader (An Index) on Radar Poetry, Issue 3 (July 2014)

It’s After the End of the World and The Pain of Childbirth Is Nothing Compared to the Pain I Felt When You Poisoned Me on Hazlitt (June 2014)

Three poems on Lemon Hound (June 2013)

“The Crossroads” (The Walrus, January-February 2013)

“Yes I’m a Witch” and “As if I Were Anything Before” (Four Way Review, Issue 1, fall 2012)

“The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness”  (The Walrus, January-February 2012).

From the Windows the Alley” (Toronto Review of Books, September 2011)

The Performer Speaks to Her Perfect Apprentice Beneath the Arches” (The Walrus, Summer 2011)

“The New Monuments” (Taddle Creek, Summer 2011)

Exchange with Andrew Bailey on Likestarlings.


Dream of the Last Shaker” (The Walrus, January/February 2009)

“Don’t Look Now,” “A Great Happiness Awaits,” “Song of the Silver-Haired Hippie” (Maisonneuve, June 2009)

“Cordiform” (rob mclennan’s blog, October 2009)

“Click to Look Inside!”


Lyrics to Blue Rodeo’s “Blue House” on Small Miracles

Lyrics to Blue Rodeo’s “In Our Nature on In Our Nature


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